Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Firmly in winter's court

Happy New Years!

LITFM is on hiatus pending an operating system upgrade and maintenance to the computer on which these blog posts tend to be composed. Hopefully all will be back to normal next week and LITFM will break in the New Year with gardening mayhem. That said you can bet that we will still be appearing at the Fayetteville farmer’s market which despite the deep freeze we experienced in the last few days is still going on.

The Fayetteville City/Farmer’s Market occurs every Saturday from 9:00 AM through 1:00 PM. The market is located at 325 Franklin Street in the parking lot of the Fayetteville Transportation museum and there is no shortage of parking in the area. Here is what will be coming to the Market this week.

Southward Skies: A northern guide to southern Gardening
This is the second edition of my book, which was published using data compiled from several years of test garden operations. It’s written to aid gardeners of all skill levels in successful garden methods that are targeted for the south east but had proven to be a valued resource for gardens across the weather coast. It’s certainly a good gift for that gardener you know or for yourself if you’d like to have a reliable field guide. The book costs $25.00 and we do take checks for this item, you can even have it signed.

Black Magic Fertilizer
That’s right you’ve heard about it in trials all summer. This specially formulated liquid fertilizer was made and tested at the test gardens using natural ingredients and no chemicals. The result explosive growth, great harvests and of course no environmental side effects! We’re making batches of this stuff to order, at $6.00 per gallon of fertilizer. You can either order it at the market and pick it up the next week or have it delivered to your home in the Fayetteville area for a delivery charge of an additional $2.00.

Fresh Cut Herbs
Bundles of Fresh Rosemary, short stem

House Plants
6x Holiday Cactus (Deep Pink bloom)

Garden Plants
2x Spineless Prickly Pear
4x Morris-Heading Cabbage Collards
3x Georgia Collards
1x Stonehead Cabbage
1x Savoy Cabbage

This concludes a very, short LITFM post, hopefully by this time next week we will have completed all maintenance and the next post will include more than just a status update. I might add if there is something you’d like to see at the booth this year feel freen to contact LITFM, or post a response up here.

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