Friday, August 9, 2013

A slight interruption

Due to computer problems I do not have a article for this week only the plant list. Just a heads up, when your performing an operating system update, always expect something to go horribly wrong! Hopefully I can get this sorted out before next week's update.  For note the Fayetteville City/Farmer's Market runs on Saturdays from 9am to 1 pm. It is located at the Fayetteville transportation museum on 325 Franklin street. The weather is supposed to cooperate so, other then being warm it should be a nice day with a decent southwest breeze.

Below is this week's plant list:

House Plants:
4x Aloe barbadensis – Medicinal Aloe
2x Peperomia verticilliata – Rotary Peperomia

4x Sweet Banana Peppers
5x Habenaro Peppers (Hot!)
4x Cayenne Pepper (Spicy)
2x Carolina Wonder, Green bell (Sweet)
1x Ghost Pepper (Supposedly sweet)
2x Tumbling Tom Cherry Tomatoes (yellow fruit)
5x Beefsteak Tomato (Slicing tomato, On sale!)
3x Red Burgundy Okra (Heritage variety)
1x Japanese Long Eggplant
6x Egyptian Onion (Allium prolificum, good stuff!)
3x Italian Parsley (garnishes your dishes and clears out bad breath!)
1x Mountain Mint
1x Greek Oregano
1x Common Sage
2x Sweet Basil
1x Cinnamon Basil
2x Horehound  (Marribum vulgare, natural cold remedy!)

-plus whatever else looks cool and fits in the truck!-

Available Soon:
Silver Aloe
Drunkards Dream Cactus
Red Giant Mustard
Lacinato/Dino Kale
India Mustard

Hope to see you at the market.

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