Friday, August 16, 2013

Technical Difficulties

The good news folks is that a lot of the issues with the computer have been resolved though reinstalling programs and getting my files back on is taking considerably longer then planned. For this week I'll post the plant list for Saturday's farmer's market and have a real post ready on Saturday or Sunday.  Thank you all for bearing with me while I brawl with one of Microsoft's infamously bad products!

That said the forecast for Saturday isn't great but barring a major downpour I will be present and accounted for.

House Plants:
2x Peperomia verticilliata - Rotary Pepperomia
6x Rhipsalis salicornoides - Dancing bones cactus
6x Aloe barbadensis - Medicinal Aloe / Aloe Vera

2x Italian Parsley
2x Horehound
1x Common Sage
1x Mountain Mint
1x Cinnamon Basil
1x Italian Oregano

6x Egyptian Onion
1x Japanese Eggplant
2x Carolina Wonder
4x Cayenne Pepper
4x Banana Pepper
1x Sweet Ghost Pepper
5x Habenero Pepper
2x Tumbling Tom Tomato
2x  Beefsteak Tomato  (On sale!)

Coming Soon:
Collard Greens
Flat Leaf cabbage
Red Giant Mustard

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